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Security Robot Atom

Security Robot Atom

Facial Recognition

– Real-time two-way talk
– 10-second video alert
– 24-hr safeguard your possessions
– On-screen Timeline
– Activity or blockout zones





Facial Recognition

ATOM is capable of detecting multiple human faces at once and will send instant face alerts to your smart device.
* Look for future upgrades to enable facial recognition on your robots.

24-hr safeguard your possessions

ATOM has front-facing warning LED lights and hidden infrared LEDs so it can protect you, even in the dark! When any of its sensors are triggered, ATOM will instantly send you an alert on your smart device.

10-second video alert

Under the Amaryllo Premium plans,ATOM will upgrade its picture alerts to 10 sec video alerts. The video alert will start 3 seconds before the alert system was triggered, so you can see what happened before it happened.

On-screen Timeline

Swipe through your timeline to review all your recorded videos and alerts on your smart device, so you can know what happened while you were away.

Remote pan/tilt/zoom

Switch from auto-tracking mode to manual mode, by swiping on your screen to move the camera in any direction or even zoom in!

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Dynamic video quality control

ATOM’s streaming video quality will be adjusted automatically based on your available bandwidth to ensure the smoothest video streaming experience.

Activity or blockout zones

Choose designated areas that you want to monitor or ignore to reduce false alarms, because no one likes receiving too many notifications.

Put it anywhere

ATOM comes with an adjustable mount so that, depending on where you want it, you can put it on a flat surface or mount it on the ceiling.

Amaryllo Services plans

Our 30-day Gold and 365-day Platinum service plans give you additional storage and more features.

Free 24-hr cloud storage

Go back on the last 24hrs of recorded videos and 3-day snapshot alerts, so you never miss a thing.

Real-time two-way talk

Amaryllo’s dynamic P2P server will monitor the available bandwidth to enable the best quality two-way talk, so you can communicate through your camera anytime, anywhere.


How To Install

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